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Distant Shore Chords

Intro: (Bm) (G) (D) (D)

(D)Everyday I (Bm)swim an ocean
(D)Fightin' your memory like (G)endless (A)waves
(Bm)I surrender to the truth
(G)I'll always love you
(Em7)But I know someday (Asus) (A)

I'm gonna (Bm)reach the (A)banks of a (D)distant shore (G)
Where (Em7)I won't (Bm)miss you (G)any (D)more

(D)Once in a while I (Bm) ride the river
(D)Of whiskey wishes (G)from and old shot (A)glass
(Bm)But the way it used to be
(G)Follows me downstream
(Em7)So I'll keep knokin' 'em (Asus) back(A)
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Til I (Bm)reach the (A)banks of A (D)distant shore (G)
Where (Em7)I won't (Bm)miss you (G)any (D)more

(Bm)(G)(D) Someday I'm gonna get (D)there
(Bm)(G)(D)Might take my (A)last prayer

(D)One of these days I'm gonna (Bm) cross that ocean
(D)Some seet angel will (G)set me (A)free
(Bm)And they'll tell my stories
(G)Sing a song about glory
(Em7)And read Psalm twenty (Asus) three(A)

When I (Bm)reach the (A)banks of A (D)distant shore (G)
Where (Em7)I won't (Bm)miss you (G)any (D)more

Gonna (Bm)rest my (A)soulin the (D)hands of the (G)Lord
Where (Em7)I won't (Bm)miss you (G)any (D)more