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Life For Rent Chords

   This is a quite easy song to play and a great guitar song. the string picking 
is giving below for the begining of the song. Enjoy!
          KEY: F
          strings: F; 5,3,2,1,2
                  Bb; 4,3,2,1,2
                   c; 4,3,2,1
                  Dm; 4,3,1,1
    F                                           Bb
I haven't even really found a place that i call home
    F                                     Bb
i never stick around quite long enough to make it
    F                                 Bb
i apologize that once again i'm not in love
         F                                              Bb
but it's not as if i mind that your heart ain't exactly breaking
            C                Dm
it's just a thought, only a thought

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          F    C          Bb
But if my l-i-f-e is for rent
      F      C       Bb
and i don't learn to buy
C            F            C           Bb
   Well i deserve nothing more than i get
C              F    C          Bb
   cos nothing i have is truly mine


I always thought that i would love to leave by the seas

to travel alone and live more simply

i have no idea what's hapening to that dream

cos there's really nothing left here to stop me

It's just a thought, only a thought

         Dm          C           Bb           C
While my heart is a shield and i won't let it down
          Dm           C         Bb         C
while i'm so afraid to fail so i won't even try
          Gm           C
how can i say that i'm alive

 cos nothing i have is truly mine (*4ce)