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Isobel Chords

Song: Isobel
Artist: Dido
Album: No Angel

Capo on 1st fret

The riff:
Repeat this riff throughout the intro and the verses. 
Easy song. 

thought it was funny when you - missed the train
When I rang you at home they said you left yesterday
I thought it was strange when your - car was found
by the tree in Ennis where we used to hang around
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Dear Isobel
  G                    F
I hope you're well and what you've done is right
Oh it's been such hell
  G                 F
I wish you well and hope your safe tonight
            C    G     Am
It's been a long day coming and long will it last
          C    G       Am
when it's last day leaving, and I'm helping it pass
   C   G  F    C    Am
by loving you more

And who he would become, all the things he'd have done
would he have loved you, and not let you down
and would he be stronger than his father
don't punish yourself, leave it well alone


Over and Out.