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Version: 2 Type: Tab

Dont Leave Home Tab

This is an acoustic version of the song that I picked up by watching some of the live
performances of it and listening to the original recorded version. The other available
tabs for this song are pretty poor, especially if you're trying to get the original 
sound. So I thought I'd give it a go XD. Please rate and review, corrections are welcome.

Capo on 4th fret, tabbed notes in relation to capo

Intro and outro, as heard on the studio version, it's played quite quickly


Verses 1 and 2 refer to the bottom of the tab for verse 3, starts as soon as she starts singing
Strumming pattern shown below: d=down u=up h=hammer on
   d d d d   d d d d   d u d u   d   d d d d d d d   d u d

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/d/dido/dont_leave_home_tab_ver_2.html ]
Chords used:
(I know that these are not the correct name for the chords, but they are the names of
the original shapes played in relation to the capo)

 Gmaj chord   Amaj chord   Dmaj chord   Em chord
 e|-3---|     e|-0---|     e|-2---|     e|-0---|
 B|-0---|     B|-2---|     B|-3---|     B|-0---|
 G|-0---|     G|-2---|     G|-2---|     G|-0---|
 D|-0---|     D|-2---|     D|-0---|     D|-2---|
 A|-2---|     A|-0---|     A|-----|     A|-2---|
 E|-3---|     E|-----|     E|-----|     E|-0---|

Oh           don't leave home
Gmaj   Amaj              Dmaj

Oh           don't leave home
Gmaj   Amaj              Em

same chords from the pre-chorus are used in a slightly different order

If you're cold   I'll keep you warm
Dmaj          Amaj             Em

If you're low   just hold on
Dmaj          Amaj         Em    Amaj

Cause I will    be your safe   ty
Dmaj          Amaj       Em    Gmaj

Oh don't leave home
Dmaj           Amaj

That's basically it, for the last verse:
Oh how quiet, quiet the world can be
When it's just you and little me
Everything is clear and everything is new
So you won't be leaving will you

There is no guitar, but there is some sort of effect that comes in once, like a beeping
sound, I've found the best way to reproduce that sound is by playing around with the 6th
and 7th frets on the g string, while palm muting it, to make it as soft sounding as 
possible. The guitar fades back in towards the end of this verse. You can softly strum the
Dmj chord, keep increasing the volume and then transition into the chorus. You can end 
the song on Dmaj, let it ring and then repeat the intro. Hope this was helpful. If you 
have any questions feel free to email me at duck579@gmail.com