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G                          C
When the stars are bright and the breeze is calm
A                E
I know with you I can not go wrong
G                  C
The memory of your smile lasts long
A                  E
Please tell me you'll not be gone

Things may not have started off great
When I first saw you I didnt think I could wait
Never forget our first date
Heaven knew we'd be strait

Hold me Hold me
Hole me Close to you
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If feel as is I
have know you for years
The Sound of your voice
is music to my years
When you leave i feel tears
I never thought I would care

Hold me Hold me
Hold me Close to you

People live and People Die
I tell you its not hard to cry
This song is for SKS
Shes' the one I know the best

Hold me Hold me
Hold me Close to you

To me she is my dove
She is the one I love
I dont know what else to say
I think of you all the day

Hold me Hold me
Hold me Close to you

Now you tell me you want to quite
I tell you know way
When you love some you
You just cant let them walk away

Walk away walk away
walk away walk away

There is no way
Im gonna let you walk away