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Mr Shadow Chords

Notes: This song is completely barre chords. So all the chords are in the F-shape. The
main riff should be F-shapes on the 7th (B), 5th (A), 3rd (G), and 2nd (F#) frets. It's
pretty simple.

Those four chords are most of the song, but in the chorus he throws in a C chord
(F-shape on 10th fret) and an E chord (F-shape on 12th). He simplifies the second part 
of each
chorus in live versions, but in the studio recording it sounds like he is going back and 
forth on the A and G.

Intro: B A G F# (x2)

          B A G F#
Mr. Shadow,
                         B A G F#
Ever since you were a boy,
You walked the earth,
     A     G       F#
In search of every ounce,
                                   B A G F#
Of daylight that you could destroy,
              B A G F#
And I feel you,
                                  B A G F#
When I push people down the stairs,
           B              A            G
I like the small fleeting power that I feel,
When I catch them unawares,

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B           D         G
Dreams come and dreams go,
            E                   A
But there's just one nightmare,
B        A                 G
It's the one where all the winds blow,
              A                G
And there's fiery ash in the air,
                             B A G F#
And Mr. Shadow's always there,
                         B A G F#
Mr. Shadow's always there,

Verse 2:

Behind every dark curtain,
And every dying tree,
He's in the final breath you take,
When you're drowning in the lake because of me,

And he hides,
He hides in broad daylight,
And if you stare directly into him,
He'll surely play a trick upon your sight,
Whoa whoa ohh,

Chorus 2:

Daylight comes and daylight goes,
But it's always dark somewhere,
And if you know what the hangman knows,
You know that death is everywhere,
And Mr. Shadow doesn't care,
Mr. Shadow doesn't care,


C                G
Human rights and celebrities,
Can't do anything to stop him,
A                        C                       B A G F#
When he goes to take his bites out of you and me,

Verse 3:

Mr. Shadow,
Tell me now is it true,
You give us six more weeks of sorrow,
When some Punxsutawney dog sees you,