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Magic Mirror Chords

I tried a little bit and found the chords for Magic Mirror by Diana Vickers. (:
It's really simple, but the "Em" is not perfect here, so I'm really sorry,
but I didnt find another good chord .. so anyway.
I love this song, and I hope that some of you love it, too, and that I could help you. (: 
Oh, the tuning .. ehm, do it how you want. :'D 
You can use the simplest but nice version of tuning if you can't change the 
chords fast. You play the Chord just Up&Up then next chord Up&Up and so on. 

Diana Vickers - Magic Mirror 

You have to know these 5 chords.
[G] - [D] - [Em] - [C] - [Am]

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/d/diana_vickers/magic_mirror_crd.html ]
[G]         [D]
  I cant believe this
[Em]         [C]
Now all my dreams are come true
[G]                       [D]
  Had his kiss and now I'm flying
[Em]                     [C]                      [G]
Im flying through this song which, through and through
Cant believe that I just kissed him
[Em]         [C]           [G]
Everything I want and even more
All this time I have just missed him
[Em]             [C]                  [D]
Now looking in my eyes and through a door

Now that we've come this far
[Em]             [C]
Promise you won't break my heart
[G]                [D]
It took so long to see that 
[Am]           [D]         [G]  ([D] - [Em] - [C]) 
I am yours and you belong to me.