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Angle Dust Chords

Di-rect - Angel Dust 
Album: All Systems Go!

C  Em  F 2x

      C            Em                  F
Many times as you slept I've told you this
            C              Em                F
You're the one, you're my world, hopes and dreams
         G                 F
I have cried sweet sweet tears
         G                  F
Liquid words ran down my cheecks

    C            Em   F  
I thank you, my only star
                    C         Em      F  
Every day you bring me your precious love
   Ab           G  
A light in the dark
Angel Dust

C-Em-F 2X
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Livin'in ecstasy with you next to me
All I know without you I'd come undone
Liquid words would come out wrong
You're my drug, my rising sun
I thank you, my only star
Every day you bring me that precious love
An angel was sent
Angel Dust

D           F#m           Bm        
Let's get it on together alone
D           F#m                Bm 
So much to life, reveal the unknown

         D       F#m    G
I thank you, my shining star
                   D   F#m         G    
Every day you take me around the world
Em     A     D       F#m    G     
Every day I need my Angel Dust

     Bm          A             G
The magic comes right of your hand
      Bm          A            D
I'll follow your steps in the sand...