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Di-rect - 12345 

Where do we go from here
I feel my jumping gear
G             D                Em 
There must be something in the air
Now should I make my move
Just like that fairy-tale
G            D                 Em
I kiss her lips then she wakes up

Together far and wide
Maybe she'll be my guide
G                         A
But maybe far ain't far enough
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Bm                      D                
One, two, three, four, five
I've been hitting on a girl
She made me wonder
She looked so fine
I was blind
                    G      A  
I've been living a lie tonight

I feel ridiculous
Some stupid dumbass fool
I said you're hot, I'm in the mood
So true like one, two, three
She moves her lips and says
I like you to and I'm a dude

So glad we ditched the script
Before I kiss his lips
Imagine what if we got there

Chorus 4x