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Till The End Of Time Chords

                            C    E     G     
They're just words, they ain't worth nothing 
                    C    Em     G       
Cloud your head and push your buttons 
                        C   Em  G 
And watch how they just dis-ap-pear 
               C    Em     G 
When we're far away from here  
                 F                 G 
And everybody knows where this is heading 
C               Am  
Forgive me for forgetting 
     F         G        C  
Our hearts irrevocably combined 
F                        G  
Star-crossed souls slow dancing  
C                Am 
Retreating and advancing 
F               G               C  
Across the sky until the end of time  

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                     C      Em          G
Oh who put all those cares inside your head  
                    C       Em         G
You can't live your life on your deathbed  
                     C   Em G
And it's been such a lovely day  
                 C   Em    G
Let's not let it end this way  

     F           G           C            Am
Like sisters and brothers we lean on each other  
     F                  G        C
Like sweethearts carved on a headstone  
    F       G             C         Am
Oh why even bother, it'll be here tomorrow  
      F            G       C
It's not worth it sleeping alone  

                    C        Em    G
And look at you and me still here together  
                C     Em   G
There is no one knows you better  
                      C    Em    G
And we've come such a long long way  
                     C   Em    G
Let's put it off for one more day