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How It Ends Tab

Song: How It Ends
Artist: Devotchka

I have the general synth chords laid out as well as the piano melody

Main Synth:
   C            Em
e------      e-----|
b------      b-----|
g--0---      g--0--|
d--2---x14   d--2--|x14
a--3---      a--2--|
E------      E-----|
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(Sometimes I like to add the Low E string)

Piano melody:

e------------------   e-------------------|
b------------------   b-------------------|
g------------------   g-------------------|
d--5-----2-----3---x2 d--5-----2-----3----|x2
a----3-3---3-3---3-   a----2-2---2-2--2-2-|
E------------------   E-------------------|