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English Music Chords

Notes on the piano part at the bottom.

F  Am  Bb  C

F        Am                 Bb       C
Soldier      you got to get out more.
         F          Am              Bb            C
There is life after property.  Everyone has got a finder's fee.
  F      Am             Bb                  C
Find          something difficult to do and do it.
F          Am             Bb         C
Write your english music, write your english music,
F          Am      Bb     C   F      Am  Bb  C
write your english music, run free.

F  Am  Bb  C

F    Am         Bb               C
She      tasted of the Christmas wines and said:
F        Am                      Bb          C
"So many things have run through me.
           F                Am            Bb            C
I know the altar boys, they just wanna do me and that's fine...
                F       Am    Bb   C
You got to have   faith     -aith     Yeah, you got to have...

F  Am  Bb  C

     Bb                       C        C                D
Once again, it's a quarter-to-three by Ambleside-by-the-Sea,
                F             Am                     Bb          Bb  repeat
and something's telling you: "Boy, it's time to take    sides!"

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F                  Am                Bb                      C
write your English Music, though you know it will come to no good
     F                          Am
when brilliance has a taste for suffering,
           Bb                      C
and you're softer than the western world..."

F  Am  Bb  C repeat

Notes on soloish piano thing for guitar

These are the notes the piano emphasizes with each chord
F   Am        Bb    C

One time he plays this over C

At the end he repeats this over all the chords

Here are a couple of ways to emulate the piano on guitar:
(note the * signifies the note you should accent in the chord)

You could get fancy and play it like this
F        Am        Bb     C

Or less fancy (an octave lower than the piano)

F        Am        Bb     C

If you’re fiddling with this, you can probably figure out
how to play the variations with chords.