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My God Chords

Song   : My God
Artist : Desperation Band
Album  : Center Of It All
Key    : D
Standard EADGBe tuning

Verse 1
D                      A/C#
 Beautiful is for the broken
Bm                         G
 All the earth is for the meek
D                      A/C#
 Living water for the thirsty
Bm                           G
 Strength and power for the weak

D           A
This is my God
Holy and pure
Sovereign and sure
Only my God
Bled for my soul
G                D (Bm)
Now I surrender all
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Verse 2
D                       A/C#
 Comfort is for all the hurting
Bm                       G
 And the kingdom for the poor
D                        A/C#
 Mercy for the ones who show it
Bm                               G
 The pure in heart will see Him more

Bm   A   G    A    Bm    A    G    A

Bm          A/C#
Holy is my God
        G                A
Who's making all things new
Bm            A/C#
Devoted and undone
           G   A
I worship You