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Im Coming Your Way Chords

The chords for this song on the other tab were excellent, i just wanted to 
put up an alternate version, the version he uses live, as seen in
it's basically the same, he just plays it based off the E power chord.

Standard Tuning: EADGBe

E: 079900
B(sus?, i'm gussing): 7x9900
C#sus: 9x9900
Asus: 009900
F#sus: 099900

Verse 1:

E     B              C#        A             E  
   If all we have is love then all I have is You
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   B               C#      A               E
If life is what we choose     my choice is You

(E)             B
I'm coming Your way

I'm coming Your way

I'm coming Your way

If all we do is try I'm giving You all mine
If faith helps us to decide I have decided


C#sus            E                          F#          
With all of my breath with this heart in my chest
                 B        A2 (drop down to a 009800,[probably called Am])
Every look in my eye You know why

again, this is just an alternate version, the other guy's was perfect. hope
it works out