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Thorn Tree In The Garden Intro Chords & Tabs

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Thorn Tree In The Garden Intro Tab

Artist: Derek And The Dominoes
Album: Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs - 1970
Song: Thorn Tree in the Garden


There are a couple of correct versions of this song on this
site, but nobody seems to have the lead harmonics that play
throughout the entire song. After a couple of minutes, I
took the time to figure them out. Also, this song is perfect
for a duet between two guitarists as one can play rhythm
(using one of the other tabs here on UG) and the other
can play the following harmonics. Enjoy.
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eBG#DAE (Note: The G should be tuned a half step up to a G#)

Mostly this is    Occasionally this, listen
played:           to the record for when



+ Natural Harmonic