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Stories Of Old Chords

Okay, this is my first tab, but I am interested in how to upload it, and also it 
beats writting it down on a peice of scrap paper. :)

It is in the key of Am, as in their demo on youtube.

Intro: Simple Am with the occasional little finger on the e string.

Basic Riff: Dm-E-Am-Dm-E ((But not me...): 
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Am-Dm-F-Am-B-E-Am-C Fm  then slide it on 3rd fret - (to love): Am
(take a look at ...): Dm-E-Am-C-F-Dm-E-Am-C-F

You hear stories of old

Of princes bold

With riches untold
Happy souls

Casting it all aside

To take some bride

To have the girl of their dreams
At their side