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[Am7/G, Am7, F, Dm]

[Am]Take my hand
And[F]walk in the [Dm7]light
[Am]Understand, there's a [F]fire to [Dm7]ignite
[Am]You know we have a [F]responsibili[E7sus4]ty
[Am]It's true we've been [F]chosen [Dm]
[Am]And now we have the [F]possibii[Dm7]ty
[Am]Of melting what's [F]frozen [Dm]

[Am7/G, Am7, F, Dm]
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[Am]Walk with me with the [F]rapture in[Dm7]side
[Am]Can't you see it's not our [F]place to de[Dm7]cide
[Am]You know we have to [F]make a case for [E7sus4]love
[Am]It's more of a [F]duty[Dm]
[Am]It's clear we have a [F]mission from [Dm7]above
[Am]A mission of [F]beauty[Dm]

[Bb]You know I wouldn't [Am]lie to [Dm]you
[C#]What would [Bb]I a[Dm]chieve by [F]that
[Bb]It's more than I would [Am]try to [Dm]do
[Bb]These are the [A7]facts

[Am7/G, Am7, F, Dm]

Take your place here
With love in your heart
Just embrace what you've known from the start
We are fulfilling our only destiny
The angels have spoken
And all the gods in the universe agree
The spell can't be broken

Am7/G x02013
Am7   x02010
E7sus4	020200