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Sunshine On My Shoulders Tab

Sunshine on my shoulders - 
John Denver

Capo 3rd fret - standard tuning


---------------------------------------------- X3


play the intro until it gets to "can make me cry" then play


then back to thing you played in the intro and the begining of the verse

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G                 A7                   Bm              C  

play the above when it gets to "if i had a day"

when it gets to "a day just like today" play the same thing you played earlier
when the song reached "can make me cry" then go back to the above until it gets 
back to the verse. Do this through the song. It's pretty accurate i think. It 
works for me anyway. If your playing along to his later version, use the capo
on the first fret, he sang it a step lower when he got older.
Peace everyone