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Rain Down Chords

                           Rain Down
 This is how we play it in our church band. Sounds right to me.

                         Heres the Chords 
    Am     C/G    F       A#    F/A    G/B     D#     E      C
   e---|  e---|  e---|  e---|  e---|  e-3-|  e---|  e---|  e---|
   b-1-|  b-1-|  b---|  b---|  b-6-|  b-3-|  b-7-|  b---|  b-1-|
   g-2-|  g-0-|  g-2-|  g-7-|  g-5-|  g-0-|  g-8-|  g-2-|  g-0-|
   d-2-|  d-2-|  d-3-|  d-8-|  d-3-|  d-0-|  d-8-|  d-2-|  d-2-|
   a---|  a-3-|  a-3-|  a-8-|  a-x-|  a-2-|  a-6-|  a-1-|  a-3-|
   E---|  E-3-|  E-1-|  E-6-|  E-5-|  E---|  E---|  E---|  E---|

Verse 1
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             Am     C/G          F
Looks like tonight, the sky is heavy
               Am      C/G       F
Fells like the winds, are gonna change
            Am    C/G          F
Beneath my feet, the earth is ready
             Am           C/G F              C 
I know its time for Heavens rain, its gonna rain

        F             C  d 
Cuz its living water we desire
     F                    C   d
To flood our hearts with holy fire


Rain down all around the world were singing
Rain down can you hear the earth its sining
Rain down my herat is dry but still im singing
Rain down rain it down on me

Verse 2        Same as Verse 1
Back to the start, my heart is heavy
Feels like its time, to dream again
I hear your voice and yes im ready
To dance upon this barren land, hope in my hands



A#     F/A    C      G/B  D#      A#      F
Do not shut, do not shut, do not shut the Heavens
A#    F/A  C  G/B  D#   A#    E
Open up, open up, open up our hearts


Thats it simple song, weird chords, just practice to gain your muscle memory in 
order to get the chords down.
God Bless