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Miracle Maker by Delirious

intro: Dm  A/C#  Dm  A7/C#  Bb  Gm7  F  Asus4  A 

    Dm      A/C#        Dm      A7/C# 
I知 waiting here for my life to change,  
         Bb                  Gm7           F   A 
When the waters stir you can rearrange me. 
Dm       A/C#     Dm    A7/C# 
Just one touch is all I need,  
     Bb                   Gm7            
I致e nothing much but the wounds I feel,  
    F                           Asus4   A 
I知 looking for the hand of the miracle man.  
      Dm  A/C#            Dm    A7/C# 
	Holy,       you are holy,  
          Bb      Gm7    F     A 
	Who was and is and is to come.  
      Dm  A/C#            Dm    A7/C# 
	Holy,       you are holy, 
      Bb       Gm7         F                           A 
	Saviour, Healer, I知 standing at the feet of the miracle maker.  

I知 holding on, with your life in mine,  
Living water痴 come,  
And you致e rearranged me.  
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	Holy you are holy,  
	Who was and is and is to come.  
	Holy, you are holy,  
	Saviour, healer, I知 staring in the face of the miracle maker.  

Bb  Gm7  C/E  F    D/F#  Gm7  F  C/E  C  A 

Em  B/D#           Em  B7/D# 
Holy,      you are holy,  
    C       Am7    G     B 
Who was and is and is to come.  
Em  B/D#           Em  B7/D# C          Am7     
Jesus,    precious Jesus,    Thank you, Saviour,  
        G                          B 
(1) I知 walking in the shoes of my miracle maker.  
(2) I知 standing with the faith of a miracle maker