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Metamorphis Chords

			     Metamorphis - Delirious?
Tabbed by: Simon Reilly

From the album Mezzamorphis

In this song i play the C chord with a slightly different fingering to normal, as it 
the changes easier (in my opinion).

Chords used:
C    - 8x333x
C/A# - 6x333x
F    - 133211
A#   - 688766
G#   - 466544
Am   - 577555
E    - x79997
C(II)- x35553
D    - x57775
Dm   - x57765
G    - 355433
Csus4- x35563

Intro: Slightly dirty tone (2 guitars)

C  C/A#  F  A#
C  C/A#  F  G#

Verse 1: Clean
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    Hello friend, its been some time
Am        E       C(II)         D
    since i sat at your table
Dm                      Am
   and drank your wine
Dm               E
   worldly lies,   empty skies
Am         E    C(II)      D
  but only you can satisfy
Dm         Am        E

Chorus 1: back to dirty tone

Can i be somebody,     not what they want me to be
       C          C/A#               F            A#
just a pale reflection       of what you want me to be
       C               C/A#              F            G#

Verse 2: same as verse 1

Chorus 2: same as chorus 1 but on repeat play this instead:

C  C/A#   F   G#
Am    G

F  G   F  G
G# A# Csus4 C

Last verse: same as verse 1 but end on Dm