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Driving With The Brakes On Chords

Del Amitri
Driving With The Brakes On
Chord Progression by DownUpCharm@Yahoo.Com

Standard Tuning:  EADGBe

Capo III

CMaj7 :X32000
C     :X32010
Asus2 :X02200
Am    :X02210
F     :133211
G     :320033

Alternate between CMaj7 and C as well as Asus2 and Am (index finger).
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Driving through the long night
trying to figure who's right and who's wrong.
Now the cat(?) has gone. 
I sit belted up tight. She sucks on a match light, glowing bronze, steering      on.
      F                        G
And I might be more a man if I stopped this in it's tracks
              Am           C         
and said come on, let's go home. 
But she's got the wheel,
    G                                   Am     F
and I've got nothing except what I have on.

When you're driving with the brakes on.
When you're swimming with you're boots on.
		      F              G
It's hard to say you love someone,
			 Am      F   G
and it's hard to say you don't.


		                     C             Am   F        
But unless the moon falls tonight,
                      Am    F    C
unless continents collide.
	               Am      F    G
Nothin's gonna make me          
               Am      F    G           
break from her side.

LAST CHORUS:  End on C, not G

Trying to keep the mood right, trying to steer the conversation
 from the thing we've done.
She shuts up the ashtray and I say "It's a long way back now hon'",
 and she just yawns.
And we might get lost someplace so desolate that no one where we're
 from would ever come.
But she's got the wheel and I've got to deal from now on.