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Version: 1 Type: Bass Tab

Jamaica Ska Bass Tab

Artist: Desmond Dekker (don't know the album)

E major

Riff 1:
|-----------------|----------------|  repeat
|-----------------|----------6--4--|  several times

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Riff 2:
|-----------------|----------------|-------------|--------------|  back to
|--7--7-5--5-5----|--4--4-3--3-3---|-------------|--7--4--------|  Riff 1

Note: Yeah, that's actually all. This is my first piece of tablature so I
      figured I'd better not pick Jaco Pastorius to start with. ;-) I
      didn't include lyrics or indicate timing because it should be no
      problem at all to play this when having listened to the recording.
      Hope someone enjoys playing the song; I am always happy to receive
      email so drop me a line if you like.

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