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Rx Queen Bass Tab

Song: RX Queen
Artist: Deftones
Album: White Pony

Dropped B flat/A sharp tuning: High to Low (A#,A,D,G)

Order Of Riffs:

1.) Riff 1 [3x]
2.) Riff 2 [2x]
3.) Riff 3 
4.) Riff 2 [2x]
5.) Riff 4 [4x]
6.) Riff 1 [3x]
7.) Riff 5 [14x]

Riff 1 

G |-------2------------|
D |---0-0---1(let ring)|
A |-3------------------|

Riff 2

G |--------------------|The bass rhythm  for the chorus is hard to 
D |000-00-00-333-33-33-|hear, but if you just pluck with the bass drum, 
A |--------------------|it sounds ok.

Riff 3
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G |----2-------------------2------------------2-------------
D |0-0---1(let ring)---0-0---1(let ring)--0-0---1(let ring)-
A |------------------3------------------3-------------------

G |------2-------------|
D |--0-0---1(let ring)-|
A |3-------------------|

Riff 4

G |-----------|Again, I don't know the exact rhythm, but this should 
D |111-11-11--|give you a pretty good idea. Just listen to the CD and 
A |-----------|you should be ok.

Riff 5

G |---------|This is repeated about 14 times. I don't know how many 
D |---------|times it is actually played because the song fades away...
A |---------|