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The Temperature Is Dropping Chords

This song is pretty simple, and has Four chords.

     G     C     F     Am

Intro: In the intro you strum the C chord and play a little fill, it's easy.

G|----0-0h2-2p0--|----0-0h2-2-----|    x2
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The verse is mainly strumming the chord shown once and letting it ring.
    C                             Am                                  C
	Would it help to write a letter, as puddles turn to icy lakes? The
temperature is dropping; the temperature is dropping with every breath or
              C                                   Am
life it takes. And baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, I guess it wouldn't be
           F                                     G
bad - if street lights and the cold nights in between - were all we ever had.

((Intro) If you don't want to do the fill you can just play C for 3 beats and F twice on 
the fourth. Listen to the song for clarity.)

 C                          Am                                          C
    Simultaneous maps of cities, states of heart, or the heart of states. And
                                  Am                               C
I keep on hoping, and I keep on asking to stay awake or hibernate. And maybe,
maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe, our marks can make it through the snow.
   F                              G                     Am
But even words can wither in the frost, if all we ever know is this beating
C                     G                                         F
pulse that slows to less than one beat per minute before the spring thaw. Do
            Am                               C                        G
we measure days or years? Or are we tired of waiting? And is it a luxury, or
survival, or all that we have?

Play the intro Fill for a few measure to end it.

Good luck, thanks.