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The Condition Chords

       C            F              C                F
The condition is so crushing as if all the world is crashing
C                   F                    G                F
all the world comes crashing world comes crashing down on me
        C             F                      C              F
and the news is so distorted, viewed through someone else's glasses
  C               F             G            F
reprinted for the masses and so I killed my TV 
F                   G                Am
and are you type to let yourself get scared
   F               G           C     G           F
we all go swimming naked or at least down to our underwear
F                    G                 Am
and am I the type to miss you when I'm gone
Well I guess it won't be that long

C          F                     C             F
Driving to strange places seeing even stranger faces 
       C             F          G
And am I the type to let myself complain
C               F              C            F          C           F
Everything's so foreign and so I plug my guitar into a broken amplifier
     G          F                           G
I am happy I am sane and I am growing every day
   Am    G      F
in every single way 

F G C  
        C    G    F        C  G    F
And I'm already gone and I feel so free 
           C    G          F      C       G F G C
and I will sing my victory song, awoowoowoo

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