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Eureka! by Defiance, Ohio Tab!!

            A#                     D#
He has his moustache cut fresh for her,
    A#                        D#
she had her bangs done out to here,
        C                                     F
and the night was young and the beer was cheap at Texaco 

           A#                        D#
with it's fluorescent lights shinin' down.
          A#                 D#
I almost fell off of my bike twice today,
      C                                F
I was tryin' to turn my neck around to see...
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All the speed, the weed,
D#                              A#
the screamin' into disconnected payphones .
D#                                   C
I love you Old Town ladies with your windbreakers, 
your bleached blonde hair and your menthol cigarettes.

All the fog, the stench,
D#                             A#
it's rollin' in from every old pulp mill.
D#                                  C
I love you Old Town dudes with your dirty shirts, 
your sweatpants on and your beards.

C                      F
It's so easy to end up here.
C                      F
The fear, the fear, the fear.
 C                         F
Stuck in the syrup of the everyday.