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Chads Favorite Song Chords

		Chad's Favorite Song- Defiance,Ohio
Tabbed by: Smoochy

Tuning: Standard

     G     E     D     Am     C
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G                  E      G                        D              G  
do you remember passion? it's burried beneath a concrete world. have you 
               E       G                            D                 Am
forgotten compassion? are you in the middle of an ugly war between yourself 
               C      Am                               C      G    
and a giant machine? are you so tired you can't even dream anymore?
                                      E    G                          
fuck this city, and fuck this filthy air. let's build a-frames in the woods 
                D       G                                          E    G
and just live there. we'll all eat berries and build fires every night and 
forget this mistake we call modern life.
Am                              C                     Am               
i believe in something, but i don't know what it is. it's either the future 
        C    Am                       C                      G
or the end. it's every reason that i do or don't get out of bed. 
                                     E                                 G
we live in the unhappy shadows of skyscrapers freight trains and malls to a 
                                     D        G
soundtrack of nuclear warheads and bombs. addicted to power, addicted to 
    E                                      G 
authority, money, and success ... so far gone, without our addictions, do 
we even know how to live?
Am                        C                       Am           
the sun is shining thru distance, bitter clouds that make me choke and 
            C        Am                         C                   Am
cough and scream. sitting here along watching acid raindrops fall, this is 
not the life i want to lead.

End: C.....Am......G

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