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Anxious And Worrying Chords

                G                                     D
Anxious and worrying, so you spend your whole life hurrying,
                           G                         D
searching for something better than what you knew before
               G            D       G                              D
and always knowing you are you and you are going to even up the score,
is that what you're always fighting for?
It's a long way back to a place once called home you left behind
             G                                  D
and it's a long night out with nothing much to say,
               G                  D              G                   D
and it's the things you hold in sight that you dream less of every night
G                                  A
until you guess it never mattered anyway.
                     G                    D
And we've all got hearts and they keep beating
                 G                        D
and they keep telling us what we should say
           G               D               G     
and it's hard to listen anyway but these days
            D                    G 
we are in tune with the way we love
         D            G                          A
the afternoon as it fades slowly to a restful night.
     G          D          G            D
Everything is magic until it becomes routine,
           G              D                G              D
in your bedroom, on the road or in the corners of your dreams,
             G                                 D
and I sure hope we aren't just spinning our wheels.
            G              D
Whatever happens, I think you should know
  G                D            G            A
I'm just glad it feels like anything at all.
                   G                     D
So don't push me down, I don't go down easy.
            G                                        D
And don't pick me up just to see me be the boy you knew.
                  G             D              G
It's just the distance between we and who we wish
               D         G                                      A
that we could be don't seem so far, I guess, as it did so long ago

end on D
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