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Dirty Dishes Chords

Here are the basic chords. Enjoy :]

Capo on the 5th.

Am7 G C F C G C F C G C G

Am7    G          C  
And I cried all night, you
  F                      C       
created a stream and it flows forever
G             C            
it's made of dreams that
F                       C 
didn't come true and I'm sorry,
                   G             C     G
there's nothing more that I can do

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When we get together
Take apart my fantasy
And we are done
We'll work on you
As we lie motionless, staring at the ceiling
Back turned up against the wall

And now I can barely see
Straight to the back of my skull
And i'm shivering all night long
Yes, my skin is clear and you can see what I'm thinking
I'm thinking hard about all the things I've been dreaming
I've been dreaming about you and only you

turn the land into waste
And bury it in parking lots
I'm constantly turned off
by the look of the flock
And it's turning in an hour from tonight
I've got nothing to look forward to
Cause I killed all the flowers

And that cold wind will blow
Tear the skin off your nose and you've got nothing to be grateful for
It's your list of wishing

It's some dirty dishes and you wanted more
And you got left, and it hurt
Oh but it could be worse
Yeah, things could be so much worse 

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