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Clownin Around Chords

Intro:  G    Em    G    Em

Though I've walked down a crooked path
That don't mean that it wasn't cursed
My feeble heart was filled with wrath
My poison mind with thoughts perverse
        D                     C 
And the devil is living in my basement
           D                        C
I'm trying hard to hide him from my wife
      D                              C
And I know someday I'm gonna have to face him
        D                              C
But for now I keep my secrets with the night
G     D     C     D
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As I breeze through this windy city
The devil he now rides upon my back
And all the boys here look mighty pretty
I need a fix and lord, I need it fast
         D                      C
I let my houseguests rest in my crawlspace
Don't let anyone tell you that I'm a bad host
I take cover behind my white facepaint
While I battle my bitter father's ghost
G     D     C     D

C   /B    A
C   /B    D    "

And by now the hounds have surely caught my scent
In just a short time I'm no longer free
Oh lord you know I would repent
But the devil he now speaks for me
        D                    C
And the icy needle kisses my veins
As I kiss my dear sister goodbye
Now as I descend into the final flames
It's my turn to die
G     D     C     D

C   /B    A
C   /B    D    

(bass runs C#  D#  F)
G    C#  G    C#  G    C#  G   /C#  /D#  /F   (x4)