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Strange Kind Of Woman Chords

There once was a woman

A strange kind of woman.
     G                      Dm         Am
The kind that gets written down in history

Her name was Nancy, her face was nothing fancy
      G                       Dm     Am
She left a trail of happiness and misery

I loved her, everybody loved her
      G                  Dm         Am
She loved everyone and gave a good return
I tried to take her I even tried to break her
    G                      Dm              Am
She said I ain t for taken won t you ever learn?
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Am            G
I want you, I need you
Am            G
I gotta be near you
   G        Dm           Am
I spent my money and I took a turn (x2)
G          Dm            Am
Oh got a strange kind of woman.

She looked like a raver
But I could never please her
On Wednesday mornings , boy you can t go far
I couldn t get her but things got better she said
Saturday nights from now on you re my star.

She finally said she loved me
I wed her in a hurry
No more callers and I glowed with pride
I m dreaming, I feel like screaming
I won my woman just before she died.