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Like A Lion Chords

I waited for a tab of this song, and nothing came so here it is.
This is how you play the chords:

  Cmaj7  Gmaj7 Em    Gmaj7add3

Cmaj7    Gmaj7
How it delighted
Em                Gmaj7add9
Born so black and cold
Cmaj7   Gmaj7
And tired
Like yours
Like yours
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Cmaj7     Gmaj7
How it delighted us
Em         Gmaj7add9
Hands over hands
Cmaj     Gmaj
Like a lion
Like a lion

Cm                 G         Em
Still watching the world go down
Cm               G         Cmaj7
Still watching it all go around
Gmaj7       Em    Gmaj7add9
And the time stands still
Until now

 Gmaj7           Em
And it all stands still
Cmaj7       Cm            Em
Somehow you thought it never would

This is an amazing song, and I know I messed up a little bit (this song is probably 
with different chord positioning, and i messed up the end) so I hope someone will fix it up.