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You’re lifting me up
In a world we’re thinking of
But the roads to us are broken

To save you is enough
Heaven knows each day is tough
I’m the only one who’s hoping

You’re eyes still say they’re sharp
You’re words, they break my heart
You wake up the sense of sound

As you walk into this room
I watch the way you move…
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You are the best I’ve seen of all
You are the greatest endeavor
You are the life that I believe
Life that I have lived
You are the light that shed my tears
Fuel the fire that burns my fears
You are the love that I believe
Love that I have lived.

You make me alive
Set me far to the other side
Turn the pieces into something

To sail and decide
On the calm breeze of the tide
oh, the heaven now is watching

Every time I hear the magic feels what love reveal is the pain it heals,
Inside of me is watching at you!