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Title And Registration Chords

Death Cab for Cutie - Title and Registration

I did this from listening to the song, theres a few things i'll mention first. This is
an easier way to play the song, less fiddly. It sounds better if you hammer the B string
when play the chords Em* G* and C* in the verses. There is a little tabbed part that
sometimes happens at the end of the lines which makes it sound better, but you can just
play C instead if you want.

Capo 2nd Fret

Em* 022020
G*  320030
C*  032030
C   332010
G   320033
D*  xx0233
D   xx0232

The small tabbed part goes:


I'll say if you can put it in, just listen to the song to figure it out better but it's easy.

Em*                  G*                   C*
The glove compartment, is'nt accurately named,
     C (tabbed bit)
And everybody knows it.
Em*             G*                   C
So I'm proposing, a swift orderly change. 
[ Tab from: ]
                  G                       D*              C
Cause behind its door there's nothing to keep my fingers warm, 
             G           D*                C
And all I find, are souvenirs from better times. 
            G              D*                C
Before the gleam, of your taillights fading east, 
     G       D*             C
To find, yourself a better life. 

Em* G* C*C (or tabbed bit)

Em*            G*                    C*
I was searching, for some legal document, 
C (tabbed bit)
As the rain beat down on the hood. 
Em*            G*                    C*
When I stumbled upon, pictures I tried to forgeeeeeet,
Em*            G*                    C*
And that's how this idea, was drilled into my head. 

(Tabbed bit)

Em*            G*                    C
Cause it's too important, to stay the way it's been. 

             G                D*              C
There's no blame, for how our love did slowly fade, 
                   G                  D*             C
And now that it's gone, it's like it wasn't there at all. 
             G                D*             C
And here I rest, where disappointment and regret,
 D*             C 
Lying awake at night. 

(Last bit again, with louder COLLIDE, and this)

When I'm lying awake at night.