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Styrofoam Plates Chords

I noticed that no one had attempted to post chords for this song, so here's my meager 
hopefully accurate interpretation.



There's a saltwater film on the jar of your ashes I


Threw them to sea, but a gust blew them backward and the


Sting in my eyes that you then inflicted was


Par for the course just as
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When you were living


And that is pretty much it. Repeat throughout the song.
Now as for the "Bah baaaaaah, Bah baaaaah" or "in-between verses" parts, I'm not sure 
to play.
I've been messing around with A or A, E and D chords, and sometimes I just play the 
I would say just do what feels right for you.
It sounds like the underlying piano chord is an A, so work around the A.