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Crooked Teeth Chords

Hey, This is my first chord chart and I just based it off the tabs, I think it 
sounds accurate but I hadnt seen chords for this sonf so here theyu are!!
 Capo: 3
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Em  Am   C          G
It was one hundred degrees
Em   Am    C        G
As we sat beneath a willow tree
Em            Am
Whose tears didn't care
       C         G
They just hung in the air
Em      Am   C      G
And refused to fall, to fall

Em      Am     C      G
And I knew I'd made a horrible call
     Em          Am
And now the state line felt
   C        G
Like the Berlin wall
  Em        Am
And there was no doubt
  C           G
About which side I was on

And Its the same chord progression :]