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A Room With A View Chords

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Date: Mon, 27 Nov 1995 14:34:52 +0100
From: Juergen Schlierf 
Subject: TAB: "A room with a view" by Death Angel

DEATH ANGEL  -  A room with a view

Transcripted by Roland Kimpel

some times ago the following was posted here: (J Rogers) wrote:
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>  The song "Room with a View" off of Act III.
>Yea, I know, Death Angel, but it is a good song.

It's great! From memory I think the basic chords were:

Am                G               Am  G
   Sitting in the window, staring down  (etc)


D               C
  A room with a view

You're looking at him

He's looking through you

D               C
  A room with a view

Who's fooling who

   [I can't remember these chords...]
There's got to be something that he knew

These are the basic chords. You have to experiment a little to get the
right chords.