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Johnnys Got A Gun Chords

Johnny's Got A Gun (Fred Cole)

(Dead Moon live version)




You've crushed the resistence before it's begun
silenced the voices who've dared to confront
laying your hands upon all that you rule
becoming the man who you overtrew
now you better watch out
'cause johnny's got a gun

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        A                          E
you've got all the armies, you've got all the arms
        A               D
you've got all the armories
        A                      E
the harbor's blockaded, the streets barricaded
        A                        D
every thought is under lock and key
           A                 E 
there's an idea rising that you can't detect
          A                    E 
from the same poor souls you claim to protect
           A                        E
there's a violent burning hatred in every mothers son
     D               E                 A        D   A D    
you better watch out, 'cause johnny's got a gun

you've anchored your warships, cleared all the airstrips
readied the seeds to decay
stolen the youth to fill ranks in your troops
keeping rebellion at bay
the fathers before you who now line the graves
are being remembered before it's too late
and their sons you call rebels are coming one
you better watch out, 'cause johnny's got a gun

the hour's upon you, the past will soon haunt you
yesterday becomes today
the helpless, the hopeless, the lost ones, the homeless
the weak can afford to be brave
there's only much a poor man can take
before he no longer fears making mistakes
if dying's the answer, then dying be done
you better watch out, 'cause johnny's got a gun

They've come from the country, the city and shore
they've come from the wind and the rain
the come from the fires who's ashes are cold
they come from the desert and snow
they fear they'll be dying but more than that fear
the cries of oppression that no ears can hear
until every last rebel surrenders or runs
you better watch out, 'cause johnny's got a gun

E  A 


     A   D   E

Dead Moon: 
Fred Cole-  Guitar, Vocals 
Toody Cole-  Bass, Vocals  
Andrew Loomis- Drums

Tabbed by: Deadmoony

"Johhny´s Got A Gun" on "Defiance" LP (Tombstone Records, T-35, 1990) and "Echoes 
Of The Past"(Sub Pop 2CD Compilation)