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Im Out Nine Chords

I'm Out Nine (Fred Cole)


G  D  Em  C  G  D  G

G        D     Em        C
Runaway horses under my hood
       G         D     G
can't catch me when I fly
blue sky over me, six feet under me
touch me when you cry
I caught sight of you, I've got altitude
in my clouded eyes
isn't that mainstream? Finding you empty
socially I'm out nine

repeat INTRO

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Innocent highway, stranger than my way
turn me like a page
taken a wrong turn, deafly won't be heard
damaged but I'm ok
checking the chamber, nervous I came here
looking through colored blinds
careful don't miss me, going out easy
socially I'm out nine



    G  D  Em C

Dead Moon:
Fred Cole-  Guitar, Vocals
Toody Cole-  Bass, Vocals
Andrew Loomis- Drums

Tabbed by Deadmoony

"Im Out Nine" on "Defiance"  LP (Tombstone, T-35, 1990)