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From: (bike)

I hate the blues - Dead Moon

(album In the graveyard)

general pattern (which adds the bass pattern to the guitar chords):

                Am          Am/G        Em
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You know life would be easy
if people would leave me alone
stop stepping on my fingers
when I've been working to the bone
D                       Em           
maybe think I could get back with you
Goddamn I hate the blues

Some tried to put 'm in a bottle
some put 'm in their shoes
but either way they gonna kill you
slowly eat away your heart
If I could only stop the thought of you
Goddamn I hate the blues

I never learnt to listen
to the promises I made
I never thought you'd stay away
leaving me to take the blame
I never thougth I'd follow through
Goddamn I hate the blues
I really, really hate the blues

I'm not sure if the lyrics are correct (I know they are on the record sleeve,
but I don't have the record sleeve) since Freds articulation is not that good,
and so is my english. Corrections appreciated.

"If songs were lines in a conversation,	   *