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Loving You Chords

Intro: G   Am   Bm   C (2x)

G              Am              Em 
Ring, ring itís you again heart pops

 I loved to hear you

G            Am                  Bm      C
Itís been all day Iíve been waiting for you

G       Am
Hello, you call my name

Bm                   C
So much stories you shared with me

G               Am                 Bm
You said a lot to me about girls

C                     G
Oh, itís so nice

Bm   C                                         Bm
And every beauty thing they did to you

Donít stop and tell me moreÖ

Loving you it hurts sometimes

Iím standing here you just donít bye

Iím always there you just donít feel

           Em                    D 
Or you just donít wanna feel

Donít wanna be hurt that way

It doesnít mean Iím giviní up

I wanna give you more
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And more and moreÖ

Int: G   Am   Bm   C (2x)

G                    Am                    Bm
Knock, knock you came around heart pops

I loved to see you

G           Am                   Bm      C 
Itís been two years since Iím love with you

G                       Am
Bum! Bum! You break my heart

Bm                C
You said, girl Iím in love with her

G                       Am            Bm       C
But itís all right, Iím still alive yeahÖ ohhÖ

Bm   C                                          Bm 
And all the beauty things she did to you

Donít stop and tell me more

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Em            D                                   C
And when I see that smile upon your face

                                       D   Em       
Deep in your eyes you had it all

                 D                                    A  Am  D
And when I hear you super electrical voicesÖ

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Coda: G   Am   Bm   C (2x)