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Million Dollar Bill Chords

                       MILLION DOLLAR BILL - Dawes

Tabbed by: Macheeoo
E-mail: macheeoo@yahoo.com

Tuning: Standard

Intro: (Little Acoustic Guitar Riff)

G  D  Am  C     x2    (You can walk up the A string from the Am to the C)

When it hits me what she's gone
I think I'll run for president
        Am                            C        
Get my face put on the million dollar bill

So when these rich men that she wants
Show her ways they can take care of her
           Am                               C
I'll have found a way to be there with her still

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/d/dawes/million_dollar_bill_crd.html ]
               G            (ya, you get the picture with the "Ooo"s :)
Oooohh  oohh  Oooohhhh
Oohh  oohh oohh hooooo
ooohh  ohh hoo  ooooohh
Ooh hhooo oooh  oooooo

Verse: (Repeat Verse Chords)

When it hits me that she's gone
I think I'll be an astronaut
Make the moon my home and leave the earth behind

So when she steps out into the night
into the light that she looks prettiest
She'll be facing me every time she shines

Chorus: (Repeat Chorus Chords)


        Am      C/B         C        D     (Walking up A string Am to C)
When it hits me that she's left me alone
        Am   C/B     C         Bm
When I finally move on with my life
     Am   C/B  C          D    D#(?)
Her goodbye written into stone
        Am       C           G
And her shadow grown into a night

Verse: (Repeat Verse Chords)

When it hits me that she's gone
I think I'll be a movie star
Play the finest men the world has ever seen

So when these lovers that she's found
Show her ways they learned to talk to her
Behind each perfect word there'll be a little bit of me

Chorus: (Repeat Chorus Chords)