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Last Boat To America Tab

Intro/Main vibraphone riff.....


repeat throughout most of song including verses.
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Chords for Verse: (hard to hear as guitar is not prominent so bear with)
D                  A
Make me a boat and away I'll float
D                                A
 into the stillness of a pure blue sky
D                       A
There's nothing here to hold me now
D                   A
And I got no more tears to cry
D                    A
Grant me a wish just one more kiss
D                         A
Oh baby kiss me till the daylight's through
G                  A
These are days of make believe
G                       A
But there ain't nothing any fool can do


Em           G
Pin another dream on me
D            Bm         E
'Cos the night is bearing down
Em             G       A    Bm
Baby let's go all the way this time

I'm sure you get the idea, just play around with it. Enjoy