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 From the very first moment I saw you  
 That's when I knew  
 All the dreams I held in my heart  
Had s uddenly come true  
 Knock me over, stone cold sober  
Not a thing I could say or do  
 A                 E 
Cos baby when I'm w alking with you now  
My eyes are so wide  
 A                           E 
 Like you reached right  into my head  
And turned on the light inside  
 C#m                           D        Dm 
Turning on the light inside my m ind, h ey  


 A                                      E 
C ome on baby, it's alright,  Sunday, Monday day or night  
 F#m                                       D 
W ritten blue on white it's plain to s ee, be mine, be mine  
 A                                E 
That  rainy, shiny, night or day,  what's the difference anyway?  
 B                                  Dm 
 Honey 'til your heart belongs to  me.  

It's basicly the same in the next verses, and the outro is just chorus fading.. First tab :)
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