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From andrade@elm.circa.ufl.edu (Prashant Andrade)
Subject: Murder (David Gilmour)
Date: 4 May 93 14:29:01 GMT

Hi guys,

   Lots of discussion about Murder so I spent some time with the song
Here goes
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Murder  (David Gilmour) [addressed to Lennon's assasin]
             G                   Dm             G
Some of them standing, some were waiting in the line
                G                   F                  C    Em Am
As if there was something that they thought they might find
                              Am            G            F  E(bass)D(bass)
Taking some strength from the feelings that always were shared
           Dm              G7             C
And in the background, the eyes that just stared

What was it brought you out here in the dark?
Was it your only way of making your mark
Did you get rid of all the voices in your head?
Do you now miss them and the things that they said?

(Modulate to key of D)
            A             Em            A
On your own admission you raised up the knife
         A                     G             D    F#m Bm
And you brought it down ending another man's life
                          Bm    A        G     F#(bass)E(bass)
When it was done you just threw down the blade
             Em                           A         D
While the red blood spread wider like the anger you made

I don't want this anger that's burning in me
It's something from which it's so hard to be free
But none of the tears that we cry in sorrow or rage
Can make any difference, or turn back the page

Prashant Andrade