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Hushabye Mountain Chords

Hushabye Mountain                                       David Gilmour

Am(5)        Ammaj7(5)         Am7(5)     C-5(4)
A   gentle   breeze   from   hushabye   mountain

F        Am             B         E
Softly   blows   oer   lullaby   bay

Am(5)            Ammaj7         Am7(5)               C-5(4)
It   fills   the   sails   of   boats   that   are   waiting

F              Am            E         Am(5)   Dm(5) B Am,E     
Waiting   to   sail   your   worries   away

Am(5)        Ammaj7       Am7(5)     C-5(4)
It   isnt   far   from   hushabye   mountain

F            Am             B                 E
And   your   boat   waits   down   by   the   quay
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Am(5)              Ammaj7       Am7(5)         C-5(4)
The   winds   of   night   so   softly   are   sighing

F                   Am            E              Am
Soon   you   will   sail   your   worries   to   sea            (PAUSE)

D5                  A/C#        A/C        G/B
So   close   your   eyes   on   hushabye   mountain

Bb                    B                  E
Wave   goodbye   to   cares   of   the   day

Am(5)          Ammaj7        Am7(5)     C-5(4)
Watch   your   boat   from   hushabye   mountain

F            Am            E         Am
Sail   far   away   from   lullaby   bay

Am(5)    Ammaj7    Am7(5)    C-5(4)    D5       A/C#      A/C        
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