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Skating Rink Chords

Great Canadian classic!  
Listen to the song at www.davidfrancey.com

*no capo, strummed with a Celtic-like bounce

SKATING RINK (David Francey)

The music from the skating rink

Drifts across the town
The stars of heaven high above
Forever looking down
I stand here looking upward,
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And I'm listening to the sound
G                      A               D
Of the village in the lonely heart of winter

The lights above the skating rink
Illuminate the scene
And on the snow the shadows show
Footsteps where we've been
And Danny's breath hangs motionless
Hovers like a dream
Above his head, in the lonely heart of winter

The sky above the skating rink
The blackened weight of space
Falls endless on the frozen world
Upon the saving grace
Of the lights around the skating rink
Laughing in the face
Of the darkness at the lonely heart of winter