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Alleluia Sing Chords


Make sure you're really familiar with this song. 
As is customary for David Crowder, there are a 
lot of minor changes from chorus to chorus (like 
in this one "risen King" and the second time "King 
of Kings"), half choruses, repeated line outros and such.

Alleluia, Sing  -  David Crowder Band
Capo 1

[Intro Chords]
A  E  D  E 

[Verse 1]
F#m              E          F#m           E
  Like calm comes to a sea,  Like snowfall quietly
F#m	  E
  You come to me

F#m   E   F#m   E

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[Verse 2]
F#m 	      E		    F#m	           E
  Like justice to the weak,  Like a flood rising
F#m                    E
You come, You come to me
D                        E
  And it feels like it's almost here

D   E	 A    E
Alleluia majesty
D   E	 A     E
Alleluia risen King [King of Kings]
D   E	 A 	E   - D
Alleluia angels sing

[Verse 3]
F#m 	            E		   F#m           E
  Like springtime to winter's hush, Like laughter to solemnness
F#m           E	        F#m	               E
  Like a sun rising up, You come, You come to us


D		        A/C#	   	         D 
  Like a song rising up, in your heart filling up
 		     A/C#            E
Like a heart's not enough, for this love, for this love
D		  A/C#	           D                  E
  To sing of love, to sing of love, to sing of love, love, love

[Chorus Extended With ‘Sing’] - end on F#m