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Wont Even Start Chords

David Choi's song "Won't Even Start" great and easy song to play. I'm 90% sure the 
are correct, comment if wrong but here it goes. Although there is one chord that i cant seem 
figure out i will label as UK for Unknown Chord.

Chords (in order)

e |--0-----0-----0-----x------0------0------0-------0------0-----|
B |--0-----0-----0-----x------0------0------0-------0------5-----|
G |--9-----9-----6-----4------2------4------4-------2------6-----|
D |--9-----9-----7-----4--to--2------4------6-------4------6-----|
A |--7-----x-----7-----x------x------2------6-------4------x-----|
E |--0-----9-----5-----4------2------0------0-------0------6-----|
     E    C#m    A     G#    Esus    B     G#m     F#m     UK
                     Short transaction
                     between "up" and "in"

This is how i play in the Verses

e |--0------0------0------x-----------0-------0------------------|
B |--0------0------0------x-----------0-------0------------------|
G |--9------9------6------4---Trans---2-------4----To Chorus-----|
D |--9------9------7------4----to-----2-------4------------------|
A |--7------x------7------x-----------x-------2------------------|
E |--0------9------5------4-----------2-------0------------------|
     E     C#m     A      G#         Esus     B

And this is how i play the Chorus
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/d/david_choi/wont_even_start_crd_ver_4.html ]
e |--0------0-------0------0------0-----------------0------------|
B |--0------0-------5------2------0-----------------0------------|
G |--9------9-------6------2------4-----Repeat------6------------|
D |--9------9-------6------0------4------And--------6------------|
A |--7------x-------x------0------2------Play-------4------------|
E |--0------9-------6------0------0-----After B-----0------------|
     E     C#m      UK     A      B                C#m

And then the E transition from the chorus goes like. Just hold your ringer finger on the 
fret G string, and let go of your pinky.

e |--0------0--|
B |--0------0--|
G |--9--To--8--|
D |--9------9--|
A |--7------7--|
E |--0------0--|

Wont Even Start

What happened
after last summer
A                G#  <--Short transaction
when we broke up          right here
Esus   B
in September

I havent seen you
Feels like a long time
A                       G#
Sometimes it still hurts
Esus         B
But I always get by

G#m                    F#m
I still got a piece of you under my skin
G#m                        B (let ring)
Its always there no matter where Ive been

So if I ever see you on the street
Ill pretend that I didnt see
And turn my face
          A             B
No use in small talk anyways

Because if I look into your eyes
Then Ill have to say goodbye
And thatll break my heart
   A      B    C#m
So I wont even start
A      B    E (going into 2nd verse)
I wont even start

I wish you luck
And I wish it true
A                G#
Thats the best I
Esus        B
Can do for you

Cuz youll probably find love
In someone new
A               G#
I have to let go
Esus             B
Yeah its hard to do

G#m                    F#m
So if I run into you with your arm by his side
G#m                    B
Just know itll cut me like a knife